GTA04A4 Group Tour - next steps

The GTA04 Group Tour production is going to happen, even though the
target number of subscribers wasn’t reached. Even if you haven’t got
the money to support this project you can still help by getting the word
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Subject: [Gta04-owner] GTA04A4 Group Tour - next steps
Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2012 19:04:10 +0200
From: Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller
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To: List for communicating with real GTA04 owners

Dear all,
the group tour has been closed now and although we did
not even reach 50% of the original goal, we will start anyways.

Thanks to some smaller and some generous donations we
will be able to “charter the plane” for making our tour. Even
if the seats are more expensive.

We already have ordered most of the components so
that production is planned to start after the easter weekend.

In the meantime we also have fixed most of the units from
the first production run so that our backlog for the "from stock"
orders and for the “GTA04 Complete” are almost delivered
or will be shipped tomorrow. With every unit we broaden our
base of developers and contributors.

So we had a very bumpy GTA04 start… But due to Radek’s
work and numerous others, software is already quite mature
for daily use, which was a major barrier for such a device.

I think many of you are more interested in learning
and tweaking the software, so I know you are eagerly
waiting for shipment…

Thanks again to all those who did donations and all
participants of the group tour. Both are very important
to give the Openmoko idea a new chance into the future.


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