Hack/Bin The Space Day - 9th December 2017

In preparation for Bin the Space Day we have many candidates for the skip.

The photos attached indicate what is going to be binned in a few weeks. If it is yours, is useful, or should stay (please give reason),comment below and we can move it back into the space.

All things moved out have been identified because they were improperly stored.

The purple bike frame belongs to someone called Sonny IIRC, he joined and started painting it as a project then disappeared. I imagine he’d come to collect it if we have contact details for him.

In two minds about @mongoliandingbat’s bike/deathtrap. It’s a great example project, and is nice for showing off to newbies on tours. If there’s space to exhibit it (suspended from the ceiling? :D) it might be nice to keep, but at the same time that might be cheating a bit as it wasn’t actually made here?

Bread trays are probably broadly like pallets in terms of usefulness? If it’s not realistically going to be picked up by a hacker for use in a project, leaving it in the yard (or similar) will result in someone taking it pretty soon.

Hack The Space Day - 9th of December

Skip is booked.

Photos of stuff that’s being binned:
p.s. invalid DNH’s that have been there for months don’t count!

Amazing work guys! Looks great.