Hack the Space Day! Saturday 19th

Hey all, it’s time for another HACK THE SPACE DAY!
This time we need to clad the walls, put some doors in, and of course the ever popular cleaning. :slight_smile:

We’re currently undecided on it being Saturday 12th or Saturday 19th of November, let us know which of these you’re available for below (and which you’d prefer) and we’ll see what we can figure out. We typically kick things off at around 12:00 but you’re welcome to drop in at anytime and to lend a hand for any length of time. :slight_smile:

If not enough people have expressed interest in the 12th by Tuesday 8th November, we’ll make it the 19th.

  • 12th November
  • 19th November

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Personally I won’t be available for the 12th, but I should be able to do the 19th (though I likely won’t make it for 12:00!)

I’d too prefer the 19th

Not going to promise anything, but if it’s on the 19th I might be able to
come up, it depends how tired I am after getting back from Berlin.


I might be able to make some of the 19th.

Ok so it looks like the 19th is the best day, so we’ll go with that!

Just a reminder, it’s Hack The Space Day this Saturday!