Hack the space day THIS SATURDAY!!!

A last minute call to all Hackspacers, we are doing a Massive Hack The Space Day and we need as many people as possible. FREE DONUTS AND SWEETS! Tea and Coffee available.

Feel free to contact BunnyGirl if you need more infromation. ALL HANDS ON DECK :slight_smile:

We will be meeting at the hackspace at 11AM and then we will be getting to work.
Outside the space, the inner corridoor and the space itself will be scrutinised and as much stuff as we need to get rid of will be chucked out.

If you see anything to be binned that you would like then you are welome to it as long as you can get it home with you on the day.

Thank you very much, hope to see you there and Happy Hacking. :sunny:

BunnyGirl. X :rabbit::rabbit2: