Hack-the-Space! Saturday 10th Sept

In honour of our clean migration to discourse, I’d like to propose a hack-the-space day to make a clean migration to our new space!

We’re looking to get the walls up soon, so it would be good if we could have the space looking dapper before then (we can’t have the walls thinking any less of us, can we?). I think we should have a day of cleaning/tidying the space in preparation. It might also be that the walls are ready to be put up on the same day, and if that isn’t exciting I don’t know what is!

I am proposing Saturday 10th September, and whatever time people can be available. If you’re up for some cleaning/tidying (and potential wall putting upping) please post below; even if you can just pop by for 10 minutes to push a broom around a bit that’d be immensely helpful!

Personally I’m available from about 14:00 onwards, I didn’t quite think this through and I am just realising I have an appointment on that day. :smiley:

I’ll be there in the evening!

Just to give everyone an update on where we’re up to with the walls so far

This week I’ll be finishing screwing together a couple of frames.
Also me and my father just need to do a small amount of measuring / test drill the floor to check on what to use for anchoring to the floor.
We got some of this done on Sunday but I just need to finish up this week.
Later today I think I’ll put a request into the board for some osb panels to be ordered (I just need to double check on the amount we need first)

Wall Details:

There are 3 walls in total surrounding the woody / dusty area (two of them are next to one another)
Each wall has 3 sections a lower mid and upper section.

  1. The first wall we now have all the sections screwed together and sitting outside of the space
  2. The second wall the lower and mid sections are screwed together, I just need to screw together the upper section the wood is already cut for this
  3. The third wall is the same, I just need to screw together the top section and also bring in a couple of extra noggins for it

The vertical noggin bits are arranged in such a way that we can attach standard 8x4ft osb panels to the outside of the frame.
The noggins on the upper section are sighlty longer and different from the lower and mid sections, this is just the way things turned out with the cutting but is okay.
The frame is a bit thicker than normal studding (I think it’s 60mm thick). We also have a series of uprights already cut for where the walls intersect.
Since our frame doesn’t line up with the studding the builder put up, we have some flat bits of wood we can use for wall anchors.

Originally we had some blocks prepared for anchoring to the ceiling with glue etc, but considering things are a touch taller than we anticipated
we may be able to just wedge some blocks in at the top all the way along so we can play that part by ear once the frames are up.
We also have a ton of small screws we can use for attaching the panels to the frame.
There’s also some M10 threaded rod with nuts we’ve got cut into sections, and some large bolts which we can use for bolting the sections together for added strength.

I think that’s everything (my father worked out a lot of the details for this one).
If you’ve got any questions then let me know

Also I’ll probably aim to be in as early as I can on Sunday (probably arrive around lunch time or just before)

Sounds good to me :slight_smile: I’ll be there from middayish.

Reminder to everyone that the HTSD is this Saturday from midday.

There’s plenty to do, so please come along and help out, even if it’s only for an hour or so :slight_smile:

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I will be there,

We need to try and get the space sorted members…Many hands and all that.