Hack-The-Space! Saturday 1st Oct

New date:Saturday 1st Oct
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Today’s hack-the-space day went really well, and we made some great progress! Big thanks to everyone that was able to make it and lend a hand.

Unfortunately we’re not quite done, and we could do with having another HTSD to finish off. :slight_smile: If you’re available on Saturday 24th September, and would like to come and give us a hand, please do let us know below. After this HTSD we should be in a good position to start thinking about getting the walls up, and once we have walls up the space should be looking pretty pukka. :smiley:

Here’s some pics of the results of today’s HTSD; as you can see there is still quite a lot to get organised and put away, but we actually have some space in the hackspace now!

Congrats everyone, that looks awesome. I shall do my best to assist next time.

I’ve just realised I can’t actually make the 24th as it’s Barcamp Manchester :frowning:

As neither Bob, myself, nor Tas are available for this HTSD we’re thinking of moving it back to Saturday 1st October. Unless somebody else wants to be the one to say “Oh that’s such-a-thing, put it over there!”. :wink:

How is everyone’s availability for the new date of Saturday 1st October? Of course, everybody is still welcome to come along on the 24th and do some cleaning/tidying. :slight_smile:

Sadly (for a HTSD but not for me) I shall be cavorting around Seoul on the 1st October. I shall endeavour to come in on a different w/e to assist, I’m in today but I’m going to be trying to do more Lazor learning.

I should be able to make the 1st :slight_smile:

Im okay for the 1st

I should probably mention that, once again, I won’t be available for this HTSD. :frowning: I’ll try and pop by for a bit, but I am leaving for Spain on the Sunday and so need to pack/prepare for that! :slight_smile:

it turns out I cannot make the 24th either, so the 1st should be ok.

Don’t forget it’s happening tomorrow!
There is plans to meet at Linda’s for breakfast at 10:30 if you’d like, but Hack the Space starts at 12:00 onwards. :slight_smile:

Ack, I thought it’d be starting earlier - I have to be elsewhere in the
afternoon. Is work likely to spill over into Sunday like last time?

You’re more than welcome to come along earlier and do what you can, it’s just it “officially” starts at 12. :slight_smile: We’ll see how many people are able to lend a hand on Sunday too and post again if it looks like it’ll happen!