Hackers on the Telly

Below is an email I got asking if some of us would be interested in
being on TV. I called Matt Haydock and he’s actually pretty kern to have
a team from Nottinghack go down to audition at London Hackspace on
Wednesday 2nd. It might be a giggle and at worst a good after dinner
story… If anyone wants to go (especially if they have a car) we may be
able to get travel costs back.

Let me know ASAP

Message now follows -

"My name’s Matt Haydock and I work for Bullseye Productions. We have
just been commissioned by Sky to make a great new show called Gadget
Shop, an electronic, robotic, mechanical, gadget show set in a high tech
shop. I’m currently casting to find an expert, or team of experts who
would be interested in being our team of experts who will be required to
build and experiment with outlandish, bespoke gadgets and
groundbreaking, unique, electronic inventions.

The show will be a heavily produced reality/documentary show set in out
fictional gadget shop. At the front of house we will have our small
retail team in a shop which will be swarming with gadgets from Audio
Visual equipment to i-phones, remote controlled good and electronics,
gadgets and robotics of all kinds. We will have customers coming into
the shop and discussing and purchasing high street gadgets but the
substance of the show will be the parts where customers require
extremely wild and bespoke gadgetry.

In these parts of the show the customers’ request will be sent to the
‘workshop’, an area run by our two or three experts who can design and
build anything.

It could be anything from a hover board to a waterproof TV on a robotic
arm or maybe someone will want their i-phone tripped out so that it can
start the engine on their car. They’ll be wacky inventions which will
need an expert to explain the best way to tackle the problem before
taking on the challenge and providing a finished product.

What we are currently trying to find is that expert. Someone who can
take on any challenge in the world of electronics, robotics and
mechanics and be our version of the ‘Myth Busters’ guys.

It will be a lot of fun and it’s a great opportunity. If you are
interested in being a part of this project or have any information that
might help me find a suitable candidate then I’d love to hear from you.

I’ve pasted the treatment below so you can find out more about the show
if I haven’t explained it very well.

Thanks and hope to speak soon"



…everything is not always what it seems…

We live in a world of digital, electrical, robotic and computerised
wizardry dominates every part of our life at work, home, play on the
road and even when we are sleeping…but where do you go if you need
something a little bit more specialist? Let Sky Oneshow you the way…

There is a place where you can buy –/anything/ –

It might not look like it at first glance but stick around and you’ll


…amazing characters and the very best must have pieces of kit

…rare and exclusive imports from the far-east

…taken to the /limits of your own imagination /– and beyond.


And if what you want doesn’t yet exist…

something too crazy, dangerous and expensive

just too extraordinary to simply pull off the shelves

Well then… we will build it.


This place where dreams come true and the future can be seen is the
“Gadget Shop”

The Gadget Shopis a real shop front offering all the best and latest
electronic gadgets and toys. You can walk in and get some advice or buy
a great new piece of kit or have something repaired…but this gadget shop
is a little bit different, “out back” we have built a specialist
electronics warehouse/workshop and testing center…where any bespoke
gizmo can be created.

As we follow the team at the gadget shop we will witness them selling
their toys to the public, and designing and building some incredible
ones for customers who need something a little bit more extraordinary.

The Format

This produced observational series takes us behind the scenes of our
real gadget store. The store is staffed by outlandish and big characters
who know their onions when it comes to consumer electronics and
gadgets…and we will follow their day to day dealings with real & cast
customers who are looking for the latest electronic wonders, from the
best cameras to the ultimate TV’s. (This is where we will get the nuts
and bolts of the consumer review and take out of any gadget show)

Alongside this everyday reality, we will follow stories of customers who
need something a little (or rather a lot) different. In each episode we
will feature several of these customers (cast by the production team)
who will visit the shop with a unique, weird or totally extravagant need.

They will want a device so crazy that they can’t just pick it up of the

It might be a machine that allows a young boy to remotely feed their dog
using Wi-Fi or perhaps a fish tank that revolves to reveal a home cinema
set up for the discerning teenage daughter of the home? Or perhaps it’ a
Dad who wants to give their son the ultimate car related boys’ toy for
his 18^th Birthday and for the Gadget shop to come up with something
totally unique or a wife who wants to “prank” her golf obsessed husband
with the “buggy of doom”.

When faced with such an outlandish request, the Gadget staff will inform
the customer that although they don’t have it hand, they have the
capabilities to design, create and build it for them ‘out back’.

This is our cue to cut to “The Gadget Factory”our secret
lab/workshop/(think Q’s testing centre from James Bond, the BatCave or
the fantasy reality of SpyKids all with a sprinkle of Willy Wonka) /in
reality a set designed studio space where “real world” rules don’t apply.

Working here at the beck and call of the Gadget Shop staff is The Gadget
Production team will be a hand-picked group who are the best specialists
in their field (whether robotics, electronics, fight, remote controls,
software, special effects) – each will have their own speciality – and
between them they believe they can build anything…We will also be able
to call on the odd “Mad Professor” – a genuine PhD or leading thinker in
any given relevant area of science who can add a bit more detail and
information when and if needed.

The team will work to make the client’s dream a reality. We will witness
the process from conception to design through to installation; using the
latest robotics, electronics, computer programming…and a vivid
imagination. They will build prototypes, integrate gadgets, construct
machinery and do whatever it takes to create a fully functioning,
original device.

After they have built their new contraption they will either invite the
customer to come back to the shop to pick it up, or if necessary, visit
the client’s home to install it either way we will see it put to use
(and to the test) always leaving our customers (and viewers) satisfied.

Matt Haydock

Development Research

Bullseye Productions

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