Hackerspace in South Wales

FYI if you’re in the South Wales area and fancy a spot of hackery and

All the best,
Jon ““The Nice Guy”” Spriggs LPIC-1 Certified
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From: “Matthew Macdonald-Wallace” matthew@truthisfreedom.org.uk
Date: 25 Jan 2010 16:42
Subject: [ubuntu-uk] [OT] Hackerspace in South Wales
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Hi all,

I’m looking into starting a hackerspace in South East Wales
(Newport/Monmouthshire area) and thought I’d see if anyone here was in
the area and/or interested.

I realise that there are hackerspaces in Birmingham (1hr 1/2 away) and
Bristol (45 minutes and £££’s for the bridge away), however I can’t
travel easily to either of those places so thought I’d start my own!

I’ve setup the obligatory google-group to foster interest at the
following location:


Please pass this on to anyone that you feel may be interested.

Kind regards,


Matthew Macdonald-Wallace