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Subject: [hackerspaces] Hackerspaces Meetup at Brucon
Date: Wed, 2 Sep 2009 10:50:15 +0200
To: Hackerspaces General Discussion List discuss@lists.hackerspaces.org

Hi All!

Some people of hackerspaces will visit Brucon 2009 in Brussels.
We want to organize a hackerspaces meetup to talk about some subjects.

The details for now, please change the details on the wiki:


  • Where and When
    Directly after the auction on fridays (round 21:00) meet at the
    Randomdata village.
    We will check later for a decent place to stay.

  • Some points to discuss:
    • Introduction round, who is what and where
    • Status of the hackerspaces
    • Hackerspaces in the Benelux, join forces?
    • Projects&Events
    • Hackerspaces podcast (by the idea of the Hackerspaces hour from HAR
    fm: http://fm.har2009.org/?s=Hackerspace%20Hour)
    • please add your subject(s)

Hope to see you soon at Brucon!

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