HackMan BikeSpace Proposal

Hey all, I’m posting this on behalf of Chris Hilliard who has an (awesome) proposal for BikeSpace!

Where we are now, and where we can go

Over the past year, nationally we have seen a huge growth in people taking up cycling, and we have seen a steady increase in members cycling to the hackspace. This growth is fantastic, and as the space is guided by how our members use it, we have a fantastic opportunity to facilitate people using their bikes more.

I suggest that we work together to provide not only storage space for members riding in on their bikes, but just as importantly, the resources to look after, upgrade, and even maybe hack their bikes.

At the moment there is a small stash of items and tools for working on bikes, and what was in the past a not-insignificant stash of innertubes (which has been significantly depleted) in the metalworking area.

I suggest we look to expand this significantly.

My aim would be to have a set of spaces for visiting bike storage, including vertical storage and more accessible bike racking by the side of the stage (behind the laser cutter). As well as this I propose having a range of specialist tools, and four stands with sets of basic tools for them. This will allow for a range of work not just to be done on one bike, but taught in class sessions, and maybe even opening up sessions to the wider community. As well as this, as finances allow, I would propose that a basic kit of parts and consumables be kept in stock for members to buy - to facilitate this I am in the process of getting us set up with a supplier account, giving the space a significant discount.

I would also aim longer term to acquire a 20-24in ‘teaching bike’ to allow easy teaching of different subjects.

This may require a level of pledge drive, as some of the tools aren’t cheap - but I will be sourcing them at a significant discount.

Bikes are a great entry point to hacking and repairing culture - the barriers are low, the culture is deep, and the ideas are endless. Many people over the past year have taken up cycling - let’s work together to keep them on two wheels!

What you can do

  • Please fill out our BikeSpace Questionare - HacMan BikeSpace
  • Join us on the BikeSpace Telegram Group - ask in the main Telegram chat!
  • Reply here on the forum and on Telegram to help shape the project!


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Filled out the survey.

Great idea! I’ll be happy to help with this and will definitely find it useful being able to park my bike.

I think the location in question is really good too, lots of space.