HACKSPACE π - A (Potential) new Home for Hackspace Manchester

HACKSPACE π - A (Potential) new Home for Hackspace Manchester

For the past 6 months, we have been exploring the possibility of moving due to needing more space and sourcing somewhere better value for money.

This thread will be heavily moderated for bikesheding etc as its purpose is to discuss this space!

At tonight’s (1st Feb) Members Meeting, those members present agreed to proceed with this unit as the potential next home for the Hackspace.

Benefits of this new space

More space for the money. We currently pay £1500 per month (18,000 per year) for a 1500 sqft space this new unit is £17,500 per year for 2700 sqft (this may be more as we are awaiting to find out if the £17,500 is inclusive of VAT or not.

It will provide additional space for additional areas including a photography dark room/wet room for screen printing etc and possibly a rentable/hireable classroom

It is based closer to the city centre and opposite BeeHive Mill which is a co-working space which may attract additional membership to the space.

It is a 10 minute walk from New Islington Tram Stop and the City Centre.

It is on the ground floor, with a loading bay and will more accessible than the current space

The space has gas heating which will be cheaper to keep the space warm.

We have the option of a 5 year lease meaning stability for the space in the next 5 years the building also has an additional 2 floors meaning there is potential to expand should we want too/afford too

We welcome opinion and feedback on the unit but PLEASE keep the bikeshedding to a minimum.

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Initially Yes. Can we get floorplans? As I can’t tell much about it with the boxes in the way.

At the moment floorplans aren’t something we have but will request them

can we have a proper weldy grindy area?