Hackspace After Dark

It’s been muttered about in hackspace circles for a while now, but this month it’s happening - Hackspace After Dark.

Hackspace After Dark will be aimed at makers working on more adult orientated projects, and will be a time for making and discussing such projects with similarly minded individuals. Such projects could include anything you could imagine modding from Anne Summers, onwards…

On Thursday 25th, from 6:30pm, we’ll be launching this new group working similarly to the 3D Printer User Group, with attendance open to non-members, and minimal disruption to current members. The Code of Conduct will still clearly be in place, but there will likely be open discussion of mature subjects.

If all goes well, we hope to make this a monthly event, held on the last thursday of the month.

Just a reminder, Hackspace After Dark is tonight, from 6:30pm!

This will mean that there may well be discussions that some people may find uncomfortable, potentially dealing with issues such as sexual acts, BDSM, and other subjects of an adult nature… Feel free to get involved, join us, and have some fun!