🏆 Hackspace Awards – Suggestions for categories!

As part of the upcoming Christmas Party, we’re planning to host the Hackspace Awards to recognise the achievements and contributions within our community and we’d love to have your input and suggestions for the categories!

:snowman_with_snow: Keep It Fun: We’re about having a good time, so try to keep it friendly.

:package: Think Outside the Box: Unique, quirky, and unexpected category ideas!

:hugs: Inclusivity Matters: Suggest categories that everyone can get involved in, no matter their skill level.

:sparkling_heart: Community Love: Categories that celebrate teamwork, mentoring, and the community spirit of the Hackspace.

They can be as sensible or off-beat as you like – just have a think about what you’d like to see recognised. Do you have something in mind? Drop it below in the comments before December 1st.

Looking forward to seeing the suggestions! :star2:

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I have been meaning to throw in some ideas to get the ball rolling:

Most original use of a tool
Ugliest project
‘So stupid it’s genius’ fix
Most creative bodge

  • Tallest and coolest Nathan: Which of our few Nathan’s is the tallest and coolest, and whether or not @NathanIsTallAndCool can preserve the title.
  • Helping Hands: Member voted most generally helpful
  • Change Maker: Member whose driven the most change in the space in the past year
  • Truly Incomprehensible: The most impressive project that we can’t believe has come out of our amateur workshops.
  • Big Spender: Member whose submitted the most, or maybe highest value, purchase proposals (although this isn’t really a subjective one eh)
  • Biggest Fan: Member whose supported the most purchase proposals
  • Chinwagger: Member we feel is most active & chatty on Telegram
  • Bin diver: Member who’s made the most of reclaimed material / goods

most improved odour award

  • Truly Incomprehensible: Member who has typed the most, yet made the least sense.
  • Bin Thriver: member who has taken the bins out the most

  • Most improved area - subgroup team/area that has made the biggest positive changes over the past year
  • Wisest of them all - member who has trained the most people over the past year
  • Hackspace Ambassador - member who has given the most tours/signed the most new members up.

I don’t know if I know the space well enough to suggest a good category but I WILL TRY

  • Keep Your Hands Inside the Vehicle - Member with the best Wednesday Tour banter
  • Cyber Sculptor - Most elaborate thing made from the 3D printers
  • Lungs of Oak - Most time spent in Woodworking

(to clarify, this wasn’t aimed at anyone)


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I’d like to suggest one that adapt on the Chinwager one above, but make it for someone who is always in the space talking to everyone, new and established, making people feel welcome. The Socialite Award! :smile:


So that all members can feel represented, how about newcomer of the year? The person who joined in 2023 that’s had the most impact

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