🎄 Hackspace Christmas Party 2023 - Wednesday 20th December

:christmas_tree: Hackspace Christmas Party 2023 :evergreen_tree:

:calendar: Date: Wednesday 20th December
:clock7: Time: 7pm
:house: Location: Manchester Hackspace

It’s almost that time of year again, which brings the return of the Hackspace Christmas Party. Here’s what to look forward to:

:robot: Terrible Robot Competition - Round Two!
The Hebocon (aka Terrible Robot Competition) is back again! We invite you to showcase your “skills” in crafting the worst robots imaginable. Whether the robots can’t move or move too much, this is the perfect opportunity to team up and create a robotic abomination! Don’t worry if you’re not a robotics pro; the worse, the better!

No need to prepare - motors and batteries will be provided, and everyone will have an hour on the evening of the party to scavenge for parts and create their terrible robot!

:coffee: Hot Chocolate
Warm up and get into the festive spirit with a hot chocolate station. We’re serving up classic and vegan options, so there’s something for everyone!

:notes: Bring Your Own Vinyl
Bring your own vinyl to play on the record player! (it doesn’t have to be Christmas-themed!)

:star2: Hackspace Awards - Share Your Suggestions!
We’re also planning to host the Hackspace Awards to recognise the achievements and contributions within our community.

Everyone welcome! :heart:


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