Hackspace Construction Work

As you will be aware the space is closed during Lockdown however we have kept it open for anyone wanting to do work on the space as it can be classed as construction site

Below is a list of tasks that need completing in the space, some of these need planning or additional materials so before doing these please discuss them on here or in telegram with the infrastructure teams

These tasks will also be added to Trello where you should move something to complete once its done so we can easily see whats still left to do.

If you wish to volunteer to do any of these drop an email to board@hacman.org.uk with the tasks your willing to do and when you would do them so we can arrange for your fob to be activated for those times


*1 Planning required

*2 Extra materials may be required


  • Walls
  • Finish plasterboarding *2
  • Remove insulation by lift lobby
  • Fill Gaps in breeze block walls *2
  • Painting etc.
  • Paint ceiling, floor & walls
  • Fill in cracks / holes in floor
  • Doors
  • Add correct furniture
  • Align correctly
  • Add access control *1
  • Electrics
  • Install & wire sockets
  • Install & wire lighting
  • Install & wire EM-stop circuit *2


  • Walls
  • Fill in plasterboard holes *2
  • Replace old fire door with new single door and breeze blocks *2
  • Finish plasterboarding CNC room *1, 2
  • Painting etc.
  • Paint ceiling, floor & walls
  • Fill in cracks / holes in floor
  • Doors
  • Add correct furniture
  • Add access control *1
  • Electrics
  • Install & wire EM-stop circuit *2
  • Miscellaneous
  • Build & install dust extraction system *1, 2
  • Build & install workbenches *1, 2
  • Modify table saw outfeed table


  • Declutter
  • Chop wood for scrap
  • Organise waste for taking to the Tip
  • Empty the cave
  • Demolish
  • Greenroom ceiling *1
  • Greenroom breeze block wall *1
  • Remove all remaining plasterboard in Greenroom
  • Welding door wall *1
  • Build
  • Visual arts 1/2 height wall *2
  • Member storage shelving *2
  • Plant space pallet walls
  • Greenroom toilet & sink breeze block wall *1, 2
  • Welding Extraction *1, 2
  • Painting etc.
  • Paint ceiling, floor & walls
  • Fill in cracks / holes in floor
  • Network
  • Install server rack on wall
  • Install & route cable tray throughout space
  • Setup/Wire Server / Router etc into the Server Rack *1/*2
  • Fix
  • Broken tools & equipment
  • Fire doors (Greenroom, Bar, Snackspace)
  • Tidy
  • Bin/Sell/Trade excess tools & equipment
  • Fit electrical trunking covers
  • Neaten the plumbing (CNC, Bar, Snackspace, etc)
  • Clean working areas (Woody Dusty, Visual Arts, etc.)
  • Fit electrical trunking covers

Please do not do this until electrical testing has been completed.

Google Doc containing list of walls we want built using breeze blocks

Document will be updated when planning for currently projects is completed / new walls are required

Happy to lend a hand with the wall building. I’m not a pro or even very experienced, but I can do a simple job like brick up a door.

Happy to help with the network things :slight_smile:

I’ll be picking up some stuff for filling in / painting the toilet floor on Sunday (primer for levelling compound, levelling compound, paint)
Although I understand at the moment I need to wait until Monday before I can check if I can get access Monday evening.

For the painting of the ceiling I’d recommend the thicker stuff since it doesn’t drip and covers the walls better. (I think we left a tub of the thinner stuff down there which we gave up on when we painted the cnc room)
I’ll take some pics of the tubs we used the next time I’m down there.

Many Thanks

For info for the floor paint in the cnc and metal work rooms, we’ve used Ronseal garage floor paint from b and q. It’s a bit expensive but it’s proper stuff.
We picked some more up recently for when we make a start on the toilet floor area.

Generally it’s also better to do the ceiling first so that white paint is covered up by floor paint, although in this case since the toilet area is quite small we’ll just cover up the floor when we do the ceiling afterwards.