Hackspace is now on LinkedIn

For those of you who love career development, i’ve now set up a Manchester Hackspace profile for you on LinkedIn.

If you’re someone who helps out about the space, please feel free to put us in your experience area. There’s now a lovely little logo that appears.



Might be worth claiming/merging this page into it as well - MANCHESTER MAKERS LTD | LinkedIn

i don’t seem able to do that sadly.

I’ve managed to claim adminship of the Manchester Makers Ltd page, & have requested Adminship of the Manchester Hackspace page :slight_smile:

Thanks Chris.

I haven’t received any notification, so i presume your request has gone direct to Linkedin rather than me.

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Hmmm, it should go to the page admins, or else you might have to do it from the page’s settings manually - Add Page admin access for a requesting member | LinkedIn Help

You are now an admin. It was an email, rather than an in browser notification!

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Tah for that, will attempt to get them merged :slight_smile: