Hackspace Kitchen Task Force

I would like to start assembling a group of helpers for this weekend.

Jobs needing to be done:

  • Kitchen cabinet/worktop cutters
  • Possibly adding new outlets
  • Plumbing in sink and dishwasher
  • Backsplash fitting
  • Silicone sealing

For purposes of casual discussion I’ve made a group if you want to join:

Adding this helpful plumbing diagram from telegram by @Fnhalluk

There is some question about the suitability of the drainage pipe behind the black sofa. Drainage is one of the main unestablished details in my mind. If we use the one behind the black sofa I’ll have to work out the appropriate plumbing trap etc. since it’s probably a sewage drain rather than a grey water drain.

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Have discussed with @Cone. The hot water heater for the main toilet is too weedy to extend. We could move it or buy another. Either way, I’m officially declaring hot water to be out of scope for Hack the Space day, although I plan to add a t-joint and a shutoff valve so it can trivially be added after the main day’s work.

I’m happy to do the hot water bits - from doing it originally I learned a lot about the regulations we need to comply with, and would be happy to share the knowledge if anyone wanted to join.

What’s the mood with everyone about moving hot water away from the toilet and to the kitchen sink?

This would only need a few small expenses for any bits we couldn’t reuse.

Alternatively I’m happy to help with other bits of the build out. Depends what kind of priority hot water is. Given we have a dish washer I’d maybe say use that for dishes.

The plumbing for it was all installed and working, I don’t know if it’s since been removed? @Marcus6275 do you know if the waste pipe down the side of large projects storage is still there and plumbed in?

I think if you’re there it would be best just to build the basic thing and do hot water if it goes quicker than expected.

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And if you’re away and want to help installing, having a plan ready would be as useful as the actual physical work.

I’ll be about in three dimensions, so will make myself useful where needed :+1:

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The pipe behind the sofa is a sewage drain, and when looking at this before I think we need one of these dudes:

Then we connect a 50mm pipe out of it, and to the sink which will have a u-bend. We could get an under sink u-bend that has a dishwasher attachment if it’s going to move to the kitchenette area.

Edit for clarity - most drain pipes are 40mm, but we can connect the two https://www.screwfix.com/p/mcalpine-zt26l-compression-straight-reducer-white-50mm-x-40mm/789jg

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I picked up enough kitchen top for us to do both coves of the kitchen. Here’s what I pictured in my head :slight_smile:


Do you have details of the oven? It may need special electrical considerations

The ovens already there and in place next to the microwave. It’s just a little plug in oven with a timer dial.

There is a bigger proper domestic oven in the space but last time we tried plugging it in, it tripped the electrics, and I’d worry about it being left on.

Full size ovens are on separate circuits and even if they’re rated <13A it’s still a good idea to have a separate circuit because in combo with other stuff they could still push the circuit over fairly easily. Some friends had an apartment fire due to an inappropriate oven connection.

Snackspace photos by @SyntheticRabbit for reference

Link to DWG files of the space: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1E3M7BJ3sIMHW-MdvHglEFcJNW7mTYngI

I’ll be there afternoon/evening. Can do carpentry and general DIY and electrics, but never done plumbing or tiling.

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@Ben_Dooks says that currently there is a 20A feed to snackspace. There’s potential for a second. One of the main pre-HTS jobs is establishing whether this is needed and what would be plugged into each

:memo: Cold water to kitchen.
:point_right: To do list and plan.

  • This is a rough plan and item list
  • There may or may not be spare bits in the space, so we may not need everything listed here.
  • This makes some assumptions about the taps provided

Isolate mains water and cut pipe. Drain residual water and add 15mm equal tee (1).

Add down pipe (2) with pipe clips (3) and inserts (4) down the side of the kitchenette to where they will enter the kitchen units.

Use angled connector (5) to feed water down the side of the alcove.

Use angled connector (5) to feed water along the wall. Use tap connectors (6) to connect to mixer tap.

(1) 15mm equal tee

(2) 2 X 15mm speedfit pipe 3m

(3) pipe clips

(4) Inserts

(5) 2 X angled connector

(6) 2 X 0.5inch tap connector, assumes 0.5inch female connector on tails

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There is discussion of tapping off the toilet water heater to provide warm water to the kitchen. It’s quite a long run so the water may not be hot but it will likely be above incoming cold water temperatures.

As we have a dishwasher which only needs a cold supply, I’ll be focusing solely on the cold water this HTSD, but will be happy to help if someone wants to champion the warm water supply.

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Oh and because the pipe cutters appear to have become lost, one of these dudes if it can’t be found