Hackspace Manchester Business Rates Update.

It is with pleasure and exhaustion that I am able to announce that the Business Rates issue has been resolved at last and we are safe from the Bailiffs as of today, and can move on as a community.

I gave the council a call today and they have said that Unit 39 account has been closed and I have it in writing that we owe nothing for that previous unit as it has been listed as “property vacation” between 2016 and 2020 onwards. 
As of Unit 1 (our current unit), The outstanding has been cleared and we owe nothing for that unit as of the current date and we shall be getting a letter form the council at the end of this month with regards to any new bills going forward. We HAVE got the business rates sorted for the foreseeable future and We will know what needs to be done moving on when we get the up-to-date bill in writing in the coming weeks The Board WILL keep checking the mail box(es). 

I would like to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to :-

• Ben Dooks (@fluffybit) for loaning the money to us in order to keep us safe from bailiff action and helping me deal with bailiffs. WE ALL OWE YOU BIG! 
• My partner Michael Fisher (@MuteDuck) for being there to listen to me help proof-read documents, and having great patience with me at home during this time of great upheaval (Love you, Bunny).
• Greyson (@GreysonGreyson) for her help in stepping up and assisting me when I needed someone there.
• Connor (@ConeConeCone) for also being a rock to rely on when I needed him as well as helping keep me on track.
• Greg Morris (@GregMorris) for helping me find documents and updating me on the space before I joined, which was needed at the time. As well as checking mail. 
• Everyone else in the space, members etc…,  for your patience and understanding in this matter. 

We are now on a LOT better and safer footing for the future and we can all build on this and move on from this moment. There may be a bit of belt tightening for now but we are out of the worst and able to go forward.

Thank you to you all,

The Board, BunnyGirl. XXXX

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You are a :star: as are all those who have helped make this possible. Thank you so much for your efforts BunnyGirl.