Hackspace Manchester on meetup.com

After mentioning it to Skippy, with him metaphorically saying ‘go ahead’,
and discovering that I can add two additional groups to the meetup.com
account I use for Leeds Hackspace I created this:

Since setting up the page for Leeds Hackspace it gained coverage for Leeds
and also members, so I hope it does the same for you. I discovered that it
pulled in an audience that no-one had realised existed. People search
meetup.com a lot it appears and on Leeds’ page there’s some 200+ people
following the meetup group, which using meetup.com we can directly e-mail.
Many of them became full members, a lot of them visited/visit on open

I would like to add co-organisers, so that people from HacMan can
manage/delete/add events. Sometimes people ask questions on the meetup.com
page, so one argument against it can/has been “oh no, another place to
manage/post stuff”. It’s as high or low maintenance as you want. You can
also setup paying for events through it and/or subscriptions.

If I’ve done something wrong, let me know and I’ll just tear it down if
that’s requested. If someone else wants to take over it entirely, once
you’re a co-organiser then I can step down as organiser and pass on the
torch without issue. If anyone wants to talk about how it works then I
gladly will.

Yes it does cost money, it’s $20/month plus about £1.50 in debit card
transaction fee. This isn’t me asking for any contribution to payment.

I just set it up because I saw I could.