Hackspace Meeting - Wednesday 13th January, 7PM @ Factory 2010

For this meeting we’ll be at Factory 2010, in Manchester City Center!


We will be using this meeting to start work at & introduce people to the new
space, including clearing out the junk, measuring up the rooms, and planning
out where we will want workbenches, power, storage etc. Once we are happy
with the space, we’ll retire to a nearby pub for drinks!
Finding the Factory

The Building’s Address is Measurement House, Bond Street, Manchester, M12
6HN. It sits on the Mancunian Way, is a 5 minute walk from piccadilly train
station, 10 minutes from piccadilly gardens. The factory is very easy to
spot at night, as it has a large red LED sign in the window with Child
Support UK scrolling on it.

a map of the location, the factory is the triangular building bounded
Bond Street, the Mancunian Way, and Manor St