HACKSPACE XMAS PARTY 2022 - Wednesday 21st December

:christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: Save the date - Wednesday 21st December from 19:00 :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree:

It gives me great pleasure to announce we will be hosting the Hackspace Christmas Party at the space on Wednesday 21st December from 7pm onwards.

This is another great opportunity to meet other makers, celebrate another years hacking and reap the fruits of our labour having cleaned the whole gaff during Hack-the-Space Day.

There’ll be mug printing, hot chocolate making, ginger bread baking and decorating, and enough christmas music to make you want to laser cut your ears off.

We’ll also be hosting a Hebocon - a terrible robot competition. A battery pack and motor will be provided to groups and you’ll need to use whatever junk you can find in the space, plus items you’ve brought from home and lots of hot glue to make a robot. The robots will battle it out in the arena and whichever robot stays in the battle ring the longest will be declared the winner. Bring some cardboard or other junk. No prior experience necessary, robots should be as crap as possible!

There won’t be food provided but there’s no doubt members will be ordering takeaways to the space. Bring a bit of change for the tuck shop and mugs.

We’re looking for a few volunteers to help us set up, please email info@hacman.org.uk if you’re willing.

Let us know if you’re coming it really helps us plan things.

  • I accept the invite!
  • I think I’m free but will confirm closer to the time
  • Im not sure yet
  • I cannot attend

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:christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: Save the date - Wednesday 21st December from 19:00 :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree:

There will be no official open day on this day.


Can we hack the vending machine for the shitty robot competition so it runs away by itself and is technically no longer our problem as it’ll have gained sentience? That seems a win win?


Just a reminder this is tomorrow!