Hacman Coding Club! 💻

Hello hackers,

A few people expressed an interest in coding or learning to code, so I thought why not host a code club once a month?

The format would be a couple of hours once a month where the coders (and members who want to learn to code) come together, with a theme each month:

  • Intro to, or learn, a specific language (e.g. intro to React, how to get started with Rust…)
  • How to use a technology (e.g. Getting to grips with Git, How to be a pro with x)
  • Complete programming challenges (e.g. code wars: https://www.codewars.com)

The topics would be what people want to learn, with someone(s) “hosting” each one. I’m happy to host the first to get it going.

If you’re interested please let me know on this doodle and if there’s an interest I’ll create a channel where we can discuss and organise.


I’d love to attend this kind of thing, and am happy (with enough warning) to prepare small (say 15 minute) presentations on a topic and then a workshop or similar aroundit. (e.g. git, Rust, Lua, C, whatever) And I’m sure there’re things others would teach which I’d love to learn (e.g. my React knowledge is all self-taught right now, so having an experienced person explain things would likely help me).

Sadly I’m not able to do much for the next couple of weeks, but if there’re topics people’d like me to run, please post on this thread and I’ll see what I can do.

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Would it be better if the first one was in a few weeks? It would be good to start off with as many people that can make it.

Just from my availability PoV yes, but please don’t hold it up if everyone else can make it. I can always slot in later :slight_smile:

Final shoutout for anyone wanting to join, the Doodle will close this evening and the chosen date announced at the MMMM where the format will be hashed out.


The date for the first Coding Club is Updated: Tuesday 6th Feb at 7pm.

Bring your laptop, yourself and come for a chilled hour or two, where we will run through the basics of creating a React app, explaining the fundamentals and getting a React site up and running.

I’ll create a meetup soon where anyone interested can register, this will be the place to RSVP. I’ll open enough slots for all the seats around the tables, and then the ones that aren’t taken by members can be taken by the public, who will be guests of me and I’ll make sure to pop a donation tin out for the space.

Coding Club 1 - Details

Coding Club 1 details are now on Meetup.

I’m using Meetup for the sake of presence and as it’s a nice way to estimate the number of attendees.

Lightning Talk

If you’d like to talk for 5 - 10 minutes, about anything coding related, drop a message here with what you’d like to talk about so others can look forward to it.

In an excellent example of me running out of (or just loosing) spoons, I’ve realised I’m at an away day in Glasgow on Thursday. Given I am going to be doing the intro to react and it is the first one, it wouldn’t make sense if I wasn’t there.

Therefore I’m going to update the the date to TUESDAY 6th. Silly cone.

Would this be suitable for someone who hasn’t tried React before but would like to get into it?

Totally! I’ll go through what it is, the basics of it and how to get a
simple hello world site set up. If you want more I can point you in the
right direction.

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Are there notes from this?

Agh, I joined the list just too late to spot and plan for this!
Was it good?

No notes I’m afraid - just the slides.
The next one will be in just under a month, and there’s no topic yet so if anyone wants to present something they work on or are interested in, please do suggest it :smiley:

For the next Coding Club, I would like to run a short intro to Git.

The main stage is still up for grabs for whoever wants to talk about something they do or are interested in.

…a short intro to Git.

I have, in the past, run talks about the deep-dirty-meaningfuls of Git, so if you want to tag-team this one, I’m happy to assist. In one talk I think we implemented quite a bit of git in raw Python just for funsies

I’ve got a load of notes hashed together for common git commands (such as amending commits during a pull request). I might try and see if I can get them put up on a new blog I’m working on and come along to the next one.

I’ve also got some interesting horror stories from when one of the company directors tried to use dropbox as a git equivalent for sharing Visual Basic 6 code and the fun times when you discover dropbox renames conflicted files between users to different file names :slight_smile:

Let’s pick a date for the next coding club:

15th march sounds popular.

Any particular topics people want to look at?

I thought we were going to look at Git. Perhaps we can cover some basic Git usages, some Github tricks and tips (because a lot of people equate the two, and hacman uses github) and then if people are interested, some more complex flows and perhaps some ‘best practice’ ?


I’ve realised I double booked this date :poop:
As there were 3 marked as available and mine is double booked, is it worth mentioning on the group chat about this Thursday to see if there is more interest, see how it goes anyway, or do you guys want to rearrange?