Hacman Inductions

I’ve been seeing continual posts about woodworking room being left in a mess, and with many new people joining it’s good to make sure everyone is on the same page regarding use and culture of the space.

I’d like to see mandatory inductions as part of the signup process. Anyone can register online as at the moment, but before your fob will work with the door, you must complete an induction which conveniently happens every Wednesday as a group thing, but possibly on request if people have time to do them.

An induction is a formal explanation of how each area of the space is used, what tools require training, what to do when things run out and a nod towards the list of rules. It will be a formulaic process, that explicitly states you must clean up after yourself many times to drill it in.

Once completed, this is ticked in their member account and any fobs set up will then work subject to payment etc.

This eliminates the issue of people just not reading the rules. Who actually did read all those rules anyway?

I am all for this idea :slight_smile: actually the members system has an option where someone can’t sign up till they tick a box saying they have visited the space so that could be implemented easily and there is also an induction part that isn’t technically used that could be used.

Only worry is having the people to do the inductions

For the woody dusty area generally I do a rough induction for mostly insurance reasons.
In that I point at all the tools say roughly what they do and mention the main rule about using the more dangerous tools only when there’s more than one person in the space (anything more detailed than that would need to be written down from my point of view)

Given that we’ve now spray painted “clean up” on the floors I don’t think your going to get any further than that unless you go down the camera route and start naming / shaming (maybe not in public just from board to member etc)
I think Bob mentioned we agreed cameras in the workshop area’s, I’m not sure if that’s true but it might be the next option

Personally I’m more bothered about stuff being left disorganised vs someone forgetting to use the hoover as the hoover thing can be just a 5min job, vs resorting everything back onto shelves such as screwdrivers etc is a lot more work.

I think this is a great idea. I had an induction on the laser cutter but would definitely benefit from an induction to the space as a whole. I felt daft the other week when I had to ask where I could find scissors from!

The other issue is that I’ve seen quite a few members signing up to use equipment same day or the next few days. This could mean up to a week before then can use anything.

Hey @Cone

This was discussed at tonight’s board meeting and we are looking at some steps to take. At the moment we don’t feel we have enough people to dedicate to inductions but will ask the membership sub committee to look at this and take it forward in terms of developing a longer term solution. In the meantime we are going to look at improved documentation including a welcome to Hacman induction sheet/guide and an induction video for the space overall and for certain areas.

Hopefully this will be completed early next year (if not before then but I need time to storyboard the video)