HACMan Meeting Tomorrow (18th Aug) - Exciting News!

Hey Everyone,

I’ve been speaking to the folks at MadLab, and they have word that tomorrow
night we might have a journalist coming to the meeting to see what HACMan
and MadLab are all about. This could be an awesome opportunity for us to
get into a major newspaper, bring in more members and get more fun stuff
going on.

So naturally, we want MANY AWESOME THINGS happening tomorrow night! Bring
a project, bring a friend, bring things that work, things that don’t, things
that might. Things that make noise, make light, respond to touch, sound,
smell(?). I know we have some awesome projects out there, lets get them

If you know anyone who might be interested in electronics, arduino or
hacking in general, drag them along tomorrow night! We can almost
definately find something for them to do.

As usual, we officially start at 7pm, but there’ll probably be people there

Happy Hacking!