HacMan village at Electromagnetic Field (EMFCamp)

Several members of HacMan are planning to attend EMFCamp and start a small ‘village’ there. At the moment, this will probably be a quiet gathering of HacMan people camping together rather than any events or installations, but if you want to do something bigger please let us know. If you want to join the village, there is a channel on Telegram called ‘EMF- Hacman Contingent’ which we can add you to if you ask in the main HacMan channel. If you don’t use Telegram, just let us know here.

Dates for ticket sales for EMF have just been announced: https://twitter.com/emfcamp/status/1493961074391011331

You don’t need to be part of any village to attend EMF. This is just to help us plan so we can hopefully all camp near each other.

Hooray! I’ll definitely be going - I’m on the EMF org team, mostly doing Arts and Content things.