Hameg 203 'scopes going cheep

Is this something anyone from hacman would be interested in, I can
either as Chris to get them for us, or my In-Laws live near
canterbury, or I have a friend that lives in cantebury too.

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From: Chris Roberts chris@naxxfish.eu
Date: 8 July 2014 14:33
Subject: [london-hack-space] Hameg 203 'scopes going cheep
To: "london-hack-space@googlegroups.com" london-hack-space@googlegroups.com

Hi list,

Saw a post on the Kent LUG list earlier today about some analogue
Hameg 203 scopes going for about £30 each. They’re based in
Canterbury, and only offer pickup - but fortunately I’m going through
there next Monday!

They’re PAT tested for 1 year. They’re the same sort I used in uni
(they could even be from my old uni!), not particularly great for
digital stuff but perfectly serviceable for doing analogue things.

Do we want one? I’m very tempted to pick one up for myself, if LHS
doesn’t want one.

(manual) http://www.hameg.com/downloads/man/HM203-4_english.pdf

Chris Roberts

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