Heat Press: Partially out-of-action (large flat heating bed)

Hi all,

Our heat press is partially out-of-action, with the large flat heated bed not functioning correctly.

Its other attachments are available and working – the ones either atop the heat press worktop, or in the plastic tub in the shelves below. These smaller attachments can be used for sublimating onto mugs, bottles, caps, coasters, and other small items.

The fault

The fault with the large heating bed appears to be within its power & sensor cable, with the temperature sensor not correctly reporting temperature data – likely a damaged thermistor.

I’ve emailed the manufacturer/supplier, Signzworld, to see if they have replacement cables available, or if they’re able to share details on their thermistor’s value/sensitivity so we can source a replacement ourselves.

Whatever thermistor it is, it needs to be one of these types that we can screw to attach to the heat press bed:


How you can help

Would welcome any help from anybody electronically minded if its possible to figure out what value we’d need by testing thermistor’s embedded in the other heat press attachments?


I’ve removed the flat heating panel completely this evening.

Whilst disassembling it to photograph the cable for Signzworld to identify a replacement part, the negative power terminal into the heating element was brittle and snapped off, potentially becoming a significant electrocution risk should somebody still try to use it.

I’ve replied to Signzworld and enquiring about a whole top panel replacement.

Purchase proposal for replacement part: Replacement heat plate for the heat press

Replacement fitted & tested yesterday evening. Heat press is now back to being fully operational! :tada:


That’s a HOT Press

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