Hello - 3D Printing Addict

Hi all,

I just wanted to introduce myself. I had a tour of the facilities this morning and I absolutely love what you have built so far with the space you have.

I’m personally looking to use the space to develop my 3D printing / additive manufacturing skills. I already have 3D printers at home and run a small business, but I’m hoping to expand and offer tuition and my knowledge on 3D printing to the public / likeminded individuals.

I’m hoping to be on site some point next week, would love to discuss the possibility of me bring in some more modern and slightly larger 3D printers to the premises and help with fixing / updating the ones that are currently there :slight_smile:

Cya soon,


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Sent a text before as Ellen gave number to you. Anyway yes happy to chat about the 3d printers, not been to space often over last few months due to shrink issues>


Welcome! :wave: