Hello and asking for support

Hello Guys, I’m being a pain as just joined you guys and cannot make it on the Wednesday to do my induction and get a fob.

I’ve joined as I’m an artist and want to learn how to make some frames for my canvases and poster.

Would anyone like to possibly meet me on a Saturday and give me my fib and introduce me to the equipment I will need to use.

I have a background in websites, graphic design and business owner so could possibly trade in some way. Thanks Helen

my websites:

a long time ago, a very long time ago…I used Hahnemuhle’s Gallerie wrap stretch kit to make some small canvas prints.
Later i just went to plexiglas.

This video may give you some tips.
Balsa wood is req’d as it needs to be lightweight.

Hi Helen

People will definitely be in on Saturday so someone should be available to give you a tour. Will just depend on what time you’re hoping to pop by.

If you have Telegram you can join our group chats: Telegram: Contact @hacmanchester
We use Telegram for managing training as well so as you’ll want to use the woodwork shop for making frames, it’ll make the process easier to organise (you’ll see a pinned message at the top of the main group for all the areas/subgroups)

For woodwork you’ll be able to use hand tools from the get go, but you’ll notice anything that needs training is locked off.

My canvas are massive A1 size but thanks