Hello from CycleHackMCR


My name is Max Seabrooke, I’m part of a small team organising a weekend
event in June called CycleHack. We are an enthusiastic bunch that like many
others in this city want to see more people enjoyably and safely cycling
around Manchester. We recently put our hands up to help get Manchester
involved with CycleHack, which is a global movement aiming to make the
world more sustainable through cycling.

Over a weekend in June, we want to enable citizens to problem solve,
develop and implement their own CycleHack ideas that help reduce the amount
of barriers to cycling. All the ideas created are then put online and
shared on a Cyclehack Open Source Catalogue for the world to see, share and
use in their own cities.

We would love to see some of your lovely faces over the weekend so if you’d
like to find out more, please feel free to reply to this post or head over
to our website cyclehackmcr.co.uk

Looking to hearing from you all,

CycleHack Manchester

Website http://cyclehackmcr.co.uk/ | Twitter
https://twitter.com/CycleHackMCR | Email hello@cyclehackmcr.co.uk