Hello + induction + fob + laser cutter induction

Hi all,

I’ve been meaning to join for ages and finally have, very excited to be here!
I’m a musician and digital artist based in Manchester, and my work increasingly involves building things, so I’m really glad Hackspace exists because a lot of it I can’t do a lot in my flat any more.

I came to the open evening on December 5th and had the tour from Joe Christian –was that the general induction I need to do, or do I need to book in for something different?

I’d also like to start working with the laser cutter–how do I book an induction for that?

Best wishes,

Howdy David,

Welcome to the space! Since your tour in December, the induction process has updated to require a code to show you’ve been shown around and told the rules.

Given it was Joe who gave you the tour, and he designed the new inductions, I think it’s fair to mark you as inducted on the membership system. I’d recommend refering to the sheet by the entrance as you come in which covers the basics and will act as a refresher as it’s been a while. If you would prefer to have a new induction you can do so on an open evening (Wednesdays).

Once marked as inducted, you’ll be able to generate a pin code or add a fob, which can be collected from the space.

To get a laser cutter induction, please visit the membership system members.hacman.org.uk and go to the Tools page, then select the laser cutter where you can request an induction. You’ll then be given advice on how to arrange it.

That’s great, thanks Cone!

Can I just double check then if I’m okay to go to the laser cutting induction tomorrow evening, or do I need marking as inducted first?

You’ll be marked as inducted after you complete the induction :slight_smile:

So yes, you are good to show up to the induction

once you’re marked as inducted you’ll be able to use it freely for your own projects