Not sure if this is the best section to post this but here we go.
Just wanted to say hello, I’ve previously looked into joining Hackspace (Oldham) but circumstances at the time made it difficult, I’m going back a good few years.
I’ve just joined up to Manchester, and cannot wait to be able to get down to the space and get to know everyone!
I’ve always had an interest in ‘making things’ and currently have a small laser engraver & 3D printer at home. I love anything creative and would love to learn more about electronics.

My welcome email included a link to a telegram group which seems to have closed down. Is there any other method of communication other than the forum? I have had a read through of everything but can’t seem to find anything. It would be great to get to know people beforehand, hopefully will make it less daunting when everything is back open again.
Thank you

Hi Jo!

The Telegram group is alive - it should be available at https://t.me/HACManchester. Is that the same as was in your welcome email? If not we’ll fix that.

Telegram tends to be where most of the conversation happens, so the forums do look a bit quiet.

See you in the space sometime soon, hopefully!