Help for new; PCB smd capacitor

Hi there, I have small problem - already asked on fb (i ve send msg to Hackspace Manchester), and admin recomend me to signup here and ask here so…
I have got PCB board, but I dont have any schematic, one of the sensors doesn’t work properly so I check pictures of the same PCB boards on websites, and I found that in the neighborhood of sensor power tape plug there are missing two smd capacitor (as I suppose smd capacitor)…
I compared pictures when I started looking on pcb, with current state, and found that I miss one capacitor somewhere in home - so I spent about an hour with headlamp and found it deep in carpet.
After I found it, I immediately asked my frind which is in electronic - so he told me what it could be, and why he is not able identity voulme and type of this small piece of electronics.
Thats how I know that it could be smd capacitor, but as he mention I would need to find and ask electronics to use some tool to Test SMD Inductors…
I wonder if there is some tool to do that in Hackspace? I know about Hackspace from Fablab, but Fablab doenst exsist anymore, and I have never been in Hackspace yet. Maybe some of you would be able to check/test so tiny inductor, and would let me know what I should try to find?

thats picture of PCB which I have, I marked on red powertape to sensor which is on other side of pcb, and in white circle one of SMD Inductors, and place where should be also other one.
This one which is visible in white circle I lost, but found it in carpet,… and there is second picture which shows missing element

picture is made with iphone with zoomlens (x24 + iphone zoom)

and that is real size

Maybe some of you would be able to help me,
pls let me know
thanks in advance

ps. i am sorry if I post in wrong section of forum!

Hi Kamil,

In order to find the value of inductance for that inductor you will need an LCR meter.

I’m not sure if we have an LCR meter in the Hackspace. It is a matter of turning the meter on, zeroing its internal inductance and connecting the component to be measured across the terminals.

If the hackspace does not have an LCR meter I will bring mine in and we can use that.

Let me find out what we have and then I will get back to you.

It is possible that this component is a ferrite bead and not an indicator…in which case an educated guess will have to be made at its value.

I would suggest trying to draw that section of the schematic out from the pcb so the guessing is easier.

Just out of curiosity what does the board do?

Kind regards


Kind regards

That looks a board for a parrot drone. couldn’t find a schematic though and that price it is probably worth repairing.

I found that it’s a drone control board too…I’m surprised a commercial board like that has missing components and if its the sensor circuitry that has gone awry there must have been a reason for it.

Just my thoughts

I’ve only skimmed your post.

To make suitable probes for micro soldering related fun, I used two very thin sewing needles soldered to wire and banana plugs to connect to my multimeter.

As already mentioned above an LCR meter is what you need.

Excuse leakage in photo I’m not home and only photo I have handy on phone.