help with a photography project?

Hello please find below which came in on twitter from CAS Salford Hub @StrictlyComp1

Hi there.

Please.excuse this direct approach.

I was wondering if you or any of your members were able to help out with a photography project, by way of any sort of camera loans for a project with Centrepoint Manchester please. We have been let down with devices. The project, focused on the Ardwick area.of Manchester would run mid Sepember for 8 weeks and any devices which our young people are able to capture images on would be appreciated, or even a suggestion of who may be able to help if you can’t would be appreciated please.

Thank You for.taking the time to read this email

Thanks for forwarding this! I have an old bridge camera which I could donate to them. I’ll get in touch with them after I’ve given it a test.

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