Help with a project

Hi Hackspace Manchester,

I am hoping that someone in your maker community can help me with a product
I hope to create and bring to market, initially on a small scale.

There is an electronic fitness tracker which is worn on a person’s wrist
called a Fitbit Flex. You can see them here
It’s essentially a sensor which is housed inside a silicone wristband. It
is possible to remove the ‘sensor’ from the silicone wristband and put it
into another wristband.

I want to create a small range of simple, silicone wristband designs and
sell them to Fitbit users. i.e. use the same keyline/cutter guide for the
wristband but print different designs on them.
This is just the silicone wristbands - not the sensors.

Although I could go via China the volumes at which I am hoping to produce
are prohibitive. I’d also love to try and have a ‘UK made’ approach!
Is there anyone who could help me at all?