Help with building Moth TrapTurn-Offer


I’m writing to ask for some help with how to build a project with #1
son, and also to experiment with Google Wave. I’d like some hacman
advice on how to go from idea to implementation. It feels really
simple, but I’m a complete novice. It is a device to turn of the lamp
on a moth trap when daylight arrives. I’ve made a wave with details.
You should be able to find it in Google Wave by searching for:

tag:hacman with:public

It’s URL is below, but I’m not sure how well URLs to waves work. I’ve
got a few wave invites available if anyone is interested but not yet
on Wave.!w%2BA969mpImA

If this doesn’t work as a Wave I’ll do something lower-tech. Let me
know your ideas and also how well Google Wave works.