Hi there! Market research for Norwich Hack/Maker space.

Hi there!
My name is Karl and along with some other people I am trying to start a
hacker/maker space in the city of Norwich, in Norfolk. In order to do this
we are seeking funding and to help us apply for this funding we need to do
a little market research. Therefore I wonder if you would mind helping me
by answering a few questions?

Q1: How many active members do you have currently, and how much do they
pay for membership?

Q2: How long have you been going?

Q3: How many members did you start with and how did membership numbers

Q4: Do you advertise your space at all? If so how and where do you
advertise and what is your advertising budget?

Q5: Do you have any other forms of income than memberships, for example
donations or charges you make for equipment or venue hire etc.

Q6: What are your costs, for example utilities, rubbish collection, rent

I am very grateful for any help you may be able to give, and thank you for
taking the time to answer my questions!

Kindest regards
Karl Ablitt.