Hobarts Order Feb 2019

Time for another Hobarts order for those who want in! I will be ordering items on the 7th February, so please have them on the sheet by then. Shipping is split between all participants.

Hi Jake!

This is the first time I’ve been part of a group buy so let me know when and how I need to pay. I hope I’ve filled the form in correctly!


Hi kcory, that’s all good on the sheet! I’ll collect the money from people on the Friday. I’ve added a new field on the sheet for e-mails so if you can add yours, I’ll be able to contact you for the total required.

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All done! I probably should have asked this yesterday but I’m assuming the Bamboo is good with the Hackspace’s laser cutter?

Sorry I’m quite new to the Hackspace and have only used Ply so far.


The bamboo should be safe to use on our laser - I have added it to the material list.

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Thanks! :smiley:

Hey! Do you want me to Paypal you my money? Is jake.causier@gmail.com the right email address?

Order has arrived with me and will be brought in tomorrow!

All ordered material has been unpacked and placed into respective member storage spaces.