Hobarts Order July 2020 (Laser cutter materials)

Now that the Hackspace is working its way open again, now seems like a good time to do a Hobarts order. If you need materials to use on the laser cutter, join in and save on delivery!

I will be ordering items on the 10th July , so please have them on the sheet by then, along with your e-mail address or Telegram name. Shipping is split between all participants and the prices per item must include VAT. You can enable this on the website in the top right (VAT > Show prices including VAT)

Hobarts site: https://hobarts.com/sheet-materials

Hi Jake, thanks for doing the order! I’ve put down two large sheets (600x400) - they won’t fit into my storage space. Is there somewhere to store them in the space where they won’t get appropriated for other projects?

Hi Jim, I’ve seen some people store materials underneath the craft space main table, as long as it’s clearly marked as DO NOT HACK then it shouldn’t get taken.

I can also store it in my own shelf space if you want until you take it as it can fit 600x400 on its side quite easily.

Either of those sounds fine, thanks Jake. Let me know how to pay you and I’ll get the money sent.