How do you use the wiki and why? We need you to tell us!

Hi Peeps,

This email is for YOU! If you’ve never used the wiki, that’s a valid

Ahead of the hack session scheduled on the 8th of September, we need to get
some more views on:

  • How and why do you use the wiki?

  • For example, the how:

** I scan the doodad on equipment and read the info on the page I get
** I type paths into a browser by hand
** I trek through a myriad of links to find what I want
** I use the search feature to find what I want
** There’s a wiki? I didn’t know about that?
** I can’t use the wiki, I can never find anything!
** Ideally insert your own reason here…

  • For example, the why?
    ** As somewhere to store information so that it doesn’t get lost?
    ** As a reference, I use it to look up how to operate the laser cutter (for
    ** I use it to see the status of the equipment in the hackspace
    ** Ideally insert your own reason here…

  • What do you think of the way information is structured?

  • How would you structure information to improve it’s accessibility /

Please try to avoid commenting on the software currently used, what it
might be changed to or why it should be changed. The focus of the first
session is to look at:

  • Information - that’s the purpose of the wiki
  • How do people use the wiki and why?
  • How can we improve the information to make the above two better / easier
  • What information is out of date?

So to that end it would be good to have ideas about structure of
information and reasons for use prior to the session on the 8th of
September. Ideally before the 5th of September so that people can review
things over the weekend.

Please add your comments to or drop me
a reply email and I’ll add the information for you.

Thanks, Ian.
Ian Norton