I'd like to come along and take a look

I manage a website selling plastics and metals and I’m looking for somewhere to come along to create projects etc. to list on the website and have just found out about hackspace.
I don’t particularly want to invest in a lot of machinery and equipment for one off projects but would really like somewhere, away from the office and home that I can go to generate ideas.
I’m looking to show at the Maker Faire in April and want to create a couple of basic projects for there so I wouldn’t mind coming along to see what you guys are about.
I’ve seen that you’ve got an open evening on Wednesday 25th January from 19.30. Do you think this is a good place for me to start please?

Appreciate any help because this is my first step.



Hi Simon,

Thanks for getting in contact. I would definitely recommend coming down on
a Wednesday evening to have a look around and see what HACMan is about.
Open night starts from 19:00 onwards and there will be plenty of people
there to give the tour etc.

After the tour you are more than welcome to hangout, see what people are up
to and get a feel for the place.



Hi Simon,

Sounds like we’re exactly what you’re looking for then :).

Open night is definitely the best place to start, gives you a chance to see the space/equipment and meet some of our current members. Open night is every Wednesday from 7pm, the next one is on 25/01 as you rightly state.

You may also like to join our telegram chat (hacman.org.uk/telegram) and/or our forum (hacman.org.uk/list).

Please, let me know if you need any further details.



Oh wait this is the forum… Sorry, auto email responding there!


Thanks folks.
Really happy to have found this place. I look forward to coming along on Wednesday and seeing what’s what.



I went along tonight and was thoroughly impressed with the equipment, concept and the sense of community.
Thanks Chris and Cat for taking the time to show me around and everyone else for making me feel welcome.
I’ll be reading the wiki’s to check equipment suitability and will more than likely be signing up.
Thanks again folks.

Hi Simon,

It was good to see you last night. Here’s to you coming to visit again soon