Idea - Kimchi manufacturing course (1 day)


I have been discussing with various people about holding a Kimchi manufacturing course where I impart the apparently complex knowledge of how to make Kimchi on as many willing (ideally paying) people as possible.

I would likely run it thus:

  • People pre-book for attending, indicating if they are vegetarian/vegan, or prepared to eat fish and roughly what amount of kimchi they hope to take home.
  • People are told to bring their own knives suitable for chopping vegetables
  • People are told to bring a piece of tupperware for taking their kimchi home in. (I will bring some larger tupperware in case people forget and need to store their kimchi at the space for a day)
  • Near the day, I ask for payments to be made to cement attendance, the payment would be used to buy vegetables etc in the volumes necessary for everyone, salt, chilli flakes, etc.
  • I will buy a bunch of lightweight chopping boards and bowls from ikea.
  • On the day I’d either bring in, or make on-site the rice porridge needed, and I’d bring in a food processor for creating the delicious goop.
  • Each person would be instructed in disassembling vegetables, and directed in salting the cabbage.
  • Then during the time it takes for the cabbage to wilt (about 2 hours) we will chop up all the other vegetables, prepare the goop, and if I’m feeling generous, prepare another side-dish or two. If someone has a large rice cooker, maybe we can cook some rice at this point too.
  • Once the cabbage is sufficiently wilted, we as a group mix it all up, and then box it into the tupperware the attendees brought with them before we clean-down the bench.
  • Next, if we made stuff, we use the side dishes, rice, and fresh kimchi, to have a gloriously delicious nosh.

I will also prepare a “kimchi manufacturing/aftercare” sheet for people to take home with them detailing what we did on the day in what ratios so that they can experiment and make more delicious kimchi.

So what I guess I’m asking now is:

  1. Do people think this might be a good thing to do?
  2. If you think it’s a good idea, would you also be interested in attending?
  3. What sort of price do you think would be good for this? (For reference, I think it costs around 3 UKP per litre to produce Kimchi, and if I make a normal batch for me and friends, I make around 5 to 8 litres)
  4. If people think it’s a good idea, what sort of date do people think would be good? I was thinking a Saturday makes sense, and not too far into the new year since Kimchi is best made when it’s cold outside.

So, 김장 있어요?


(P.S. an average korean adult consumes around 40 litres of kimchi per year. OMNOMNOM)

I’m very up for this. Mmmmm kimchi :slight_smile:

Is this/Did this happen(ing)?

Given only 2 people ever told me they were interested, I did not pursue the idea. If more people at least indicate interest then I can work out how to make it happen.

Might be worth doing a signup sheet on the message board in the space? Not
everyone pays attention to the discourse list. And I’m still interested,
and just bought a mandolin to chop veggies with!


Sounds like a good idea. I shall set something up tomorrow evening. I’ve also been asked by my Korean tutor if she might bring some of her students to join in, so I need to make some more concrete plans so that she can inform her other students.

If we set up an Eventbrite organisation we can give you access (kinnison) then you can arrange ticketing etc directly through the space.

Would that help?


Possibly, yes. I will discuss with people tonight so that I can work out plausible limits etc. Those I have spoken to would prefer a Sunday afternoon which might complicate matters :-/