I'm new and would like to make a screen door and paint a thing

Hi! I am mostly a tech / business person and I don’t much DIY experience. I have a list of things I’d like to build like a screen door insert thing to keep my parrot contained and a dressing table that I’d like to paint. I can’t really do these projects at home due to not having a clue, renting and aforementioned parrot (fumes and dust kill parrots). So I would like to do these things? I have signed up and paid my dues but yeah. No idea. Can I like book a time to come in and start working on things and just like let people know where I’m up to so they can correct my mistakes and offer adivce if they feel like doing so?

Any advice on how to get started would be great.

Thank you!


Your fob is being posted to you so should be with you tomorrow or the day after. You’ll find instructions on it on how to get going :smiley:

Any feedback on the sign-up process is really valued so do shout out.

They sound like cool projects! What materials do you want to use for the screen door? Fred Aldous in the NQ has a whole load of things you could use like fabrics/gauzes and small wooden bits but you could use metal too (though I’m not an expert in metal bits, I think you can buy 1-2mm metal poles online which might match the aesthetic of a parrot cage?)

Thanks @Cone!