you tit.

Send me the questions, I will answer them :slight_smile:

Barry Carter

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| - Full featured servo upgradeOn Thu, Dec 13, 2012 at 2:43 AM, John Hardman wrote:

I was talking to Alex and Baz (sp?) about interviews for a research
project for the MA at Salford University. (looking into hacking
and re-purposing in developing nations and the expanding culture of hacker
spaces as a force for good)
Did a quick one today in the little room and the bloody typical has
happened and the dictaphone recorded static which I found out as I got home
and was about to type up the recording, recording was ok on site as well…

Alex cant find a direct contact for you, you said you be up for emailing
the questions to you? still want to?
Baz aww hell so sorry, was really excited to get yours typed up (via
the method I told you about!), great response to the questions. I know your
very busy, will there be any time for a Skype or email of questions?

Beer, food, thank you gifts, anything you like for taking up your time?
Kind of panicking, want to work on it over the weekend, get everything
typed for next wednesday for a presentation, the professor has had dealings
with madlab before in getting students tuition for arduinos and such and
with the current students getting interested in the ideology and
the sudden ease of access of normally ‘hard’ tec, there is
slight interest in what I gather.

If anyone else wants a stab, please! I can email or skype.

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