Introduction + Paid gig (for help with 3d/laser music project)

Hello all.

I popped in to the open night today and really enjoyed the space. I’d not been since it was in the NQ ages ago and wanted to see how things were doing, and things were doing well.

I just wanted to make a post on here to see if anyone would be interested in helping me design/fabricate something to mount a MIDI controller on a snare drum. I want to pay for someone’s time to help me design and make this thing (and am open to skill sharing if that’s anyone’s jam as well, as I’m a teacher by profession).

First a bit about me, I make (weird) music and art, and have worked with electronics for years (including lots of DIY analog/arduino-related projects as well as tons of software (Max/MSP)). I, unfortunately, have zero experiences with digital fabrication, which is where I find myself in a pickle now.

What follows is some details of the project, so feel free to ignore from here!


The basic idea is that I want to mount a Novation Dicer onto the side of my snare.

This is what one looks like (I only need one mounted):

The bottom thankfully has a mounting screw/hole:

Because of the radius of the drum and controller, it actually fits quite snugly and comfortable on the rim of the snare like so:

So that should offer some mechanical support on the vertical axis against the drum.

There would then just need to be something to offer support on the far side, as well as keeping it pressed against the drum. I made some awful drawings to demonstrate what I mean (what I think I mean, as I’m not good at fabrication):

Where things get a bit tricky is that snares have differing depths (so how tall the support is) as well as varying diameters, and amount of lugs. Meaning aspects of this need to be adjustable.

I’ve got a video that I’ve made showing what I mean too, but the forum wont let me post it as my first post. BUT if anyone is interested, please PM me (or email me via my webpage) to talk this over further.


Did you get help? Looks like an easy enough problem to solve.
A 3d printed bracket with adjustable leg supports, and elastic bands to secure to side of the drum.

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Nope, no one has gotten in touch yet.

I don’t imagine it would be a very complicated project, just well over my head in terms of being particularly new to digital fabrication stuff.

Let me know if you’d be interested in having a closer look. I can send you the vid of showing how it kind of sits on the snare.