Invite to our Community Run 3d Printing Meetup -


Hopefully, you are already aware we are organizing @3dmeetupuk event in Birmingham at the end of May 18th and 19th 2019 in Birmingham. It is turning into a fantastic little event we are currently expecting around 200 visitors from around the UK over the weekend.

Last year at our first event we had around 100 people from all around the country of all ages and backgrounds all sharing an interest in 3D printing. It had a fantastic buzz with the space full of people sharing projects, companies showcasing products and everyone sharing skills and know-how. It had a great community-friendly feel and we’re looking to build on that this year.

We are looking for more people/organisations to get involved to make this year the and add to are exiting line up

We would love for you to be able to join us for the event, and possibly bring or send some items to showcase.

If you are interested in getting involved or contributing to the event please drop me an email or join the conversation on Twitter.

Yours faithfully,

Adam Woodall


Phone: 07725878010