Items to be removed by 05 Nov (DON'T RISK YOUR STUFF GETTING BINNED!)

I have spent today (and will spend some of tomorrow) moving what appears to be abandoned or junk items into the (now cleared) messy room/classroom next to the snackspace.

The plan is that this will be got rid of on 5 November unless otherwise claimed. So if any of the below is yours, please take it away or it will end up in a skip or given away or sold on 5 November.

Please don’t “rescue” anything and move it to another part of the space because it looks like a cool project. Lots of this stuff ended up dumped in the space for that very reason.

If something REALLY needs saving because it has a use in the space, you can demonstrate this by actually putting it to use and not moving it into another dusty corner.

Brace yourselves…


Large TV, might work?


A smart whiteboard. Might work?


Some black fabric that looks like it’s used for photography?


Scaffolding bits



Five (?!) sinks ranging in condition from “never opened” to “used as a flowerpot”


A big roll of plastic wrap


A quite nice bit of Ikea(?) furniture. Just needs a wipe down.


Paint that looks usable


A big length of electrical conduit used to put sockets in


160mm big pipes. Useful for ducting I guess?


A keyboard


A printer



Two boxes of electrical looking stuff (Ben?)







A piece of “wood” belonging to Ray?


More electrical bits (Ben?)


Chairs. Something wrong with them? Haunted?




Monitor w. no stand


Self-adhesive blue thing


Water heater


Heavy base for fencing(?)


Coffee grindr ‘n’ maker


The ****ing driftwood


A chrome and glass… thing? Coffee table?


Some OK looking plywood 6mm


Projector screens?


Another covfefe table looking thing?


Parts from a massive printer?


Manky water cooler full of sus looking liquid


A giant cable drum to consume your lounge


Washing machine(?) with bent flap


Smoke machine?


Nice looking wood




Whatever the F this thing is. A bike on some wood.


A server rack with £000s worth of tech in it? Sell?


One of those torsion tables or whatever it’s called


A massive amount of aluminium lampshades


And one more with some lights in it






Pull up banners for exhibitions (sign does not feature Hackspace)


A seat


A red thing with squares in it


An instrument case?


A square thing with an X in it


Some big blue bags with clips on


One of these thingies


A screeeeeen


A black cushion

REMINDER if this stuff is still in the space on 5 November it is likely to be binned. If it’s yours, please find a proper home for it.

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The water cooler was for plant space but can go tbh. I’ll plumb in a tap when we move plant space to its new home wherever that may be.

Good work today it’s made a huge difference.

Cheers Mike

Points below to try help give more information:

  1. TV
    This does work but its very expensive to run as its an old plasma so we don’t have much use for it. The TV above the entrance is the same so that could go as well tbh.

  2. Smart whiteboard
    I believe this belongs to Brittan. The board has contacted him a few times asking him to remove his items. He has assured us that he will have removed his stuff by the 5th

  3. Dado rail (white electrical conduit)
    Again this belongs to Brittan. Originally this was what we were going to run the electrics in around the space however its not very strong so we’ve avoided it

  4. Pipes
    These are the old toilet pipes from the night club, intent was to use for ducting but considering their previous use would be better to just bin

  5. Second box of electrical stuff
    Again belongs to Brittan, bits for the dado rail stuff

  6. More electrical bits (in black tub)
    Again belongs to Brittan, sockets that fit the dado rail stuff

  7. Heavy base for fencing
    Before the metalwork area had actual walls they used the metal fencing you see around construction sites. The metalwork was removed but the bases remained… two are currently attached to the wood lathe… otherwise they can go.

  8. ****ing driftwood
    That appeared with a load of other wood few months before Covid. Recently (last few months) couple members have shown interest in it but nobody has acted on using any of it.

  9. Chrome and Glass table
    Rossy saved that from going in the skip last time because he liked it… personally I’m a firm believer that glass in a hackspace is a disaster waiting to happen.

  10. Projector Screens
    I brought in the big self standing one few months back as I though it might be useful for the member meeting when having people access remotely, we have a projector somewhere. If its not being used it can go.

  11. Covfefe table
    Another Rossy rescue… same reason

  12. Washing machine
    Was going to form part of the tools used in the dark room? Think Rossy knows more about this?

  13. Aluminium lampshades
    I recently was looking at modifying them to make wall mounted planters since plant space is moving. Other than that they’ve been sat in plantspace for few years

  14. Instrument case
    Inside is a Sitar, no idea who it belongs to. One member offered a while ago to look at restoring it?

  15. Big blue bag
    Its one of those inflatable chairs

Hope that helps give a bit more information on some of the stuff

More crap discovered!

Part of a cable reel

Lots of Gubbinz™

Some wood belonging to Luke Jones. The sign says he will pick it up on 10 September.

The old (flat) wheels from the sack truck. I would actually like these.

Um… this.


REMINDER if this stuff is still in the space on 5 November it is likely to be binned. If it’s yours, please find a proper home for it.

Good news: Someone took the driftwood.

Bad news: I found more driftwood.

Oh and there’s the 8ft stainless urinal as well. I assume nobody wants that but it might have some scrap value.

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The board hard hat is actually useful as a hard hat and for board members to physically indicate if they have their board hat on when saying/doing something

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Would someone be able to get me closeups/specs of the servers?

If the glass tabletops are being thrown otherwise, I’ll have them. Let me know and I can pick them up, once a decision has been made

One of them’s a Dell 1950, that’s all I remember.

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Maybe message Rossy, as he seems to be the one who likes them?

I’ll take the end of the cable reel home with me to turn into a garden coffee table if it isn’t claimed

the water cooler i was using as a cold trap for the vacum. it get moved into the lab. the liquid is CaCl solution that freezes at -57C
didnt have a place to store it so it got moved back to where it was found

please dont remove the urinal i going to need that for science soon. minralasing some plates of chitosan. its perfect for the job as its good stainless

Hang on does that mean the liquid inside is no longer water?

We have been using that for the past 2 years to water plant space so if there’s something else in it that could kill all the plants (again)

cheers – can it go back in the lab or just outside?

Some updates:

A smart whiteboard. Might work? – Brittan to collect
A big length of electrical conduit used to put sockets in – ditto
Two boxes of electrical looking stuff – ditto
Oven – to use in kitchen?
Mee-cro-wah-vé – ditto
A piece of “wood” belonging to Ray? – officially to bin. Grab it if you want it.
More electrical bits – Brittan
Heavy base for fencing(?) – officially to bin. Grab it if you want it.
Coffee grindr ‘n’ maker – to use in kitchen?
A chrome and glass… thing? Coffee table? – Oli wants glass
Projector screens? – keep in tidy place for meetings?
Another covfefe table looking thing? – Oli wants glass
Manky water cooler full of sus looking liquid – move to lab
A giant cable drum to consume your lounge – Greyson
A server rack with £000s worth of tech in it? Sell? – lots of chat, no action. Destined for disposal.
Pull up banners for exhibitions (sign does in fact feature Hackspace) – keep for promo
Urinal – move to lab
End of cable reel – Bob wants
Old sack truck wheel – Mike H wants

its going back in the lab once the hvac system has been removed from it

Where has the box of paint been moved too?

It’s in(or on?) the brown IKEA cabinet looking thing at the back of the room, I think

No worries, I’ll try to get down to an open evening & check it out for myself