It's Maker Faire time (2018)!

Hacman are exhibiting at Maker Faire 2018 in Newcastle!
Date: 27th - 29th April 2018

For those who haven’t been, Maker Faire is a large and amazing annual event where makers from across the country (and world) come together to share what they’ve done, are doing, and want to do.

It’s a fantastic event that will leave you with loads of ideas, cool stuff and new friends.

“Last time I went my project list doubled in size” - @Greg
“I always return loaded with stuff and ideas” - @Cone

As Hacman have a stand there, we’ll be showing off what we do, and that is entirely what we as a community have been doing both individually and as a group.

This is a commitment as we rely on ourselves to keep the stand manned throughout the event, talking to people if that’s your thing, and just representing Manchester and Hacman - so if you are willing express interest below with what days you can do, and we’ll get a group together to discuss details.

Update: form has been sent off with the number of people attending. :smiley:

We are now looking for things to display! If you have something cool to show off, let us know. You don’t have to attend if you just want us to show what you’ve done

So we’re currently looking at a Manchester equivalent of:

These will be things that we can assemble and sell as a unit, or provide as kits for people to solder either at home or at our stands at events.

Our one will be a hexagonal badge, with the Manchester Bee on the front. The board will be black with the bee in gold.

It’s certainly a feat as we’ve not designed a PCB before! All help has been (and will be) appreciated!


If I may could I please make some comments on your design?

Kind regards


Please do! I can email you the design (using KiCad here if that matters), PM me here or telegram and I’ll send it over.

Just going to drop this here …

there are cr2032 surface mount versions too

We’re trying to keep it easy to solder as a first project otherwise we would have gone with surface mount.

The butterflies look cool!

We have PCBees!!!

Now we are doing a production run.

Thanks guys for an AMAZING time.

We took just under £700, people loved the PCBees!
We have MakeFest in Manchester in under a month - where we’ll do it again, but closer to home and even better! :smiley:

If you want to lend a hand, sign up here
There’s also a telegram chat, I don’t have the link on me at time of writing.