ITV Granada Reports

We’ve had a email come in from ITV:

I’m a journalist at Granada Reports in Manchester. I’m seeing if we could talk to you about doing a report on Hackspace? I came across your website and think it’d make a great piece for TV. Thanks.

I’m happy to communicate on this and possibly even show them round - I’d want to know if they have an angle at all and if there’s anything we should be mindful of.

Usual understanding of not filming people etc

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OOOH sounds exciting! Lemme know if I can help.

Great - I’ll get in touch with the guy and try and organise a date.

@Marcus6275 has expressed an interest too, so I’ll keep you both updated. I’ll be in Mancunia next week so will try and arrange it for then.

Be great if we could show some diversity too as the space isn’t just made up of white guys - I’ll be happy to stand back if there’s someone who wants to join in :slight_smile:

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This is a good thing and support the public attention.
I ask that the white board in the lab not to be filmed. The information written on it is public, iam not comfortable with it being on TV kind of public