Job Opportunity Salford

Hi Everyone,

I work for Brighton-based company, MakerClub. We run robotics and technology clubs for young people aged 9-14. In early 2017 we’re coming to Salford and will initially be based in Barclays Eagle Labs! We’re looking for a Club Manager and Assistant Club Manager to take the lead in the Manchester area and run our new club. Initially Club Managers will be asked to work 4 hours a week and Assistant’s 2.5 but the more spaces that we can fill, the more hours will be available!

Below is a brief overview of both roles. If you are interested and would like a full role specification please email me at :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance! We’re looking forward to becoming a part of Manchester’s Maker community!


Club Manager:

The CM is responsible for the overall recruitment, running, marketing and management of budgets and resources at the club.

They are also responsible for the recruitment and management of the team at that location, and acting as a personable and knowledgeable first point of contact for members, parents and partners.

They will drive promotion of the club through social media, events and outreach, constantly looking for ways to engage new customers and extend our reach.

Assistant Club Manager:

The Assistant Club Manager is responsible for assisting and supporting the Club Manager with the day-to-day running of the clubs.

They are also responsible for coaching the club members, managing behaviour and being a second point of contact for parents/carers in the event that the Club Manager is unavailable.